You can win this BMW 545i!
You can win my BMW 545i!

Hi there.  It's Kit again with another great week for online profits. Jeff Gardner contacted me last week asking me if I wanted to GIVE my BMW away.  I said, “Let me think about it!


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I remember when I first got my BMW 545i – I test drove the Corvette.. The Porsche.. and this car blew both of them away..

The V8 engine.. the handling.. the comfort.. the speed.. The BMW 545i has everything!  So you can imagine my dilemma – Do I give away my car as a prize for WealthWorld and have to go back to the test-driving cars until I find the perfect fit?


Kit's BMW 545i - V8 - Midnight Blue, Grey Interior
Kit's BMW 545i - V8 - Midnight Blue, Grey Interior

I said, YES! immediately.  I feel two ways about it.  #1:  I want to reward everyone who comes in my new company with trips, prizes, cars, cash, and a big fat monthly paycheck.  #2:  I like getting a different car every two years, and I've always wanted the ‘65 Mustang Convertible – so that might be next on my list.

When you signup into our new network marketing company, WealthWorld – you'll get a chance to win my car at the 2010 WealthWorld Celebration. That gives you a 6 month headstart!

You can signup and become an Associate for $2!

Here's how it works – if you get 25 Active Members from now 'til January's celebration – you get 1 ticket into the drawing.

Even if you refer 1 person who gets 25 – you get 1 ticket into the drawing.

And conversions to the $2 website have been off the charts.   It doesn't take much to get people to give $2 to charity to check out a new network marketing company.  And we have more and more guru's signing on.  They see the compensation plan, and it pays more than most I've seen.  And you can start building a residual income.


Win Kit's BMW!
Win Kit's BMW!

If you're not signed up yet – please get in during pre-launch by clicking here.  2010 could be your year to get my BMW!

Onwards and Upwards,

Kit Elliott

VP – WealthWorld

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  1. I have been llistening to the teleseminar, “Empower Network”( I understand you are somehow involved , and I was interested in a program you advertised several months ago that seems similar to the program I heard tonight. I tried to reach with a question, but was unable to access it. My question is: Is it necessary to have a Website in order to get started as an Affiliate, or is it possible to begin without one? I hope this question will be answered, by you or your support team, , or that you can guide me to another place for this answer. Thank you for your time.. AudreyKroll

    1. Hiya Audrey:

      No – you don’t need a website with Empower. When you signup – you can choose which products you want the resell rights too. For example, if you choose the $25 product.. then you’ll get paid for each $25 you resell. The blogging platform will be ready to go for you, and they give you link similar to an affiliate link. (so no website needed). Then, you can choose the $100 product.. or even the $500 product. So you get paid on all three products. They will be adding more and more products in the future (is my understanding). Each sale is deposited into your bank account via a merchant account or Paypal. (that’s easy to setup..)

      Let me know if that works for you – if not, I’ll be happy to get on the phone to discuss.

      There is also a video at


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