After building and profiting from my 1200th website, my designer/programmer have opened up their own doors.  That means that they no longer can keep up with my demand.  SO I'm in desperate need of a designer/programmer who can work with the latest WordPress plugins like OptimizePress and DigitalAccessPass.

The Job Opening:

Design/Programming Team – If you have both sets of skills, then this is a plus.  But, in my 1200 websites, most need both to make this work.

Pay Per Click Manager – If you have Facebook PPC and Email PPC experience, then please contact me below.  My goal is to replace myself! :0)


You will be put to the test by creating powerful designs for OptimizePress and handing that off to the programmer who can program order buttons, upsell buttons, one time offers, add to cart buttons, thank you pages.

So designer would be creating the designs for these pages and the programmer will get them to work.  It's that simple.


I'm looking for someone who can match my previous team who can build exceptional websites in 5 to 7 days.

How to Apply:

If you have experience with OptimizePress and/or Digital Access Pass – then this job is for you.  If you can create powerful designs quickly, then this job is for you.  If you are the type to improve your game by constantly tweaking and testing – then this job is for you.  I've been doing this for 7 years full time and we have a blast!

Please email my personal email at:

kit at superaffiliate dot com.

I would like to see your portfolio of powerful designs that you have done (not a template) as well as your availability.  We will hire the best team who can deliver the best results!

Onwards and Upwards,
Kit Elliott

P.S.  Tell your programmers/designers about this posting!  I would greatly appreciate it.

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