One of our Associates just found my secret site that our programmers and designers are working on.  She just sent me this email:

Checked out the website…….man you guys are good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is fantastic!!  I am so excited.  You guys are going to have bragging rights about how many millionaires you've created, you do realize this right?  I wanted to click on the button and order right then and there.”

Wow!  Thanks for the kind words. The system is great.  I think we have spent over $350,000 and counting.

$58,000 + $12,000 per month = The System

$28,000 = The BackOffice

$25,000 = The Consultants

12,960 Man Hours

Are you ready? On June 6th, I'll be giving a rare LIVE! Teleseminar called:  “The Death of Affiliate Marketing!” Please click here to get on the Pre-Launch List. (WARNING:  I will be asking for $2)

Onwards and Upwards!


P.S.  It's Wednesday – time to fire up the grill!

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