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NEW UPDATE: Jeff Johnsons, “How to Become a Super Affiliate in 5 Steps” 2012 VERSION

How to Become a Super Affiliate in 5 Steps – The Extended Version

A couple of years ago, Jeff Johnson posted a video on how to become a super affiliate in five easy steps.   He introduced the idea of offering your readers a bonus if they purchase a product through your affiliate link.  AND everyone started offering bonuses for every product out there.  They even try to rank in Google for and now, buyers expect and shop around for the best bonus for products (those in the know do).

The 5 Step Super Affiliate Formula

  1. Choose the Right Products
  2. Create a Bonus
  3. Post to Your Blog
  4. Email to Your Blog
  5. Mail on Launch Date

Very simple, and it works for ANY niche.  I've seen many marketers use this for the weight loss/build muscle industry  It works, but it's so overplayed that many buyers are getting 3 or 4 different marketers sending them messages about a bonus.   So it's time to tweak Jeff Johnson's How to Be a Super Affiliate in 5 Steps REMIX.

The Remix comes at #2 and #5.

Create a Bonus for the Product

For this extended formula, you have to be in the know.  That means finding out what products are launching in your niche 2 to 3 months before the official product launch.  For this, I recommend JV Notify:

Click Here to See What Products Are Launching in Your Niche – Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “new launch announcements”.  Very simple. You will see these niche categories:

  • Internet Business + Marketing
  • Arts + Entertainment
  • Business + Investing
  • Computer Software + Services
  • Health + Fitness
  • Home + Garden
  • Self Help

Once you find your product, ask for a review copy or email the product launch manager, affiliate manager, or the owner of the website – and ask them what this product launch is all about.  Some marketers over-use the JV Notify and announce their products but never develop/launch them.  So be careful on which ones your promote so you know it's actually going to happen.

You Found a Product to Promote

Now that you found a product to promote, it's time to create an affiliate strategy to get the most sales.    This extended version of the formula above means that you will drip the bonus and the launch announcement on your list for 2 months.  The first email should come about 2 months before the launch date (unless you're in a niche that has a product launch every week then I recommend 3 to 4 weeks).  Your first email will say something like

  1. Email Valuable Usable Content
  2. Tease in the Email: Be on the lookout for an upcoming launch about X. I'll be offering a huge bonus.. More to come..
  3. Tease Each Week, and Reveal the Bonus 1 Month in Advance.
  4. For this to work, you're going to have to tease 1/4th of the bonus and then, each week add to the bonus to build value.
  5. So 4 weeks (or 4 emails) of adding to the bonus.  This builds excitement, anticipation, and creates the “irresistible offer”.
  6. Then, email on product launch day – asking them to clear their cookies and purchase through your link to get your bonus.

Can't Find a Bonus for the Product?

Okay, so if you're just starting out and need a product.  Try this:

OFFER CASH BACK – I'm offering $30 cash back if people purchase the Twitter Management Software, and in the future, all of my recommendations will have a new incentive whether that be a nice bonus or cash back.

Good ole' cash in people's pockets when they buy through your link.  This works for a number of obvious reasons:

  • People want a discount.
  • They'd rather have cash in their pockets.
  • Your list will trust you even more when they receive cash from you.
  • With this new increased trust, they will buy your next recommendation.


I've purchased the private label rights to many full courses, and instead of them collecting dust on your c drive – offer them as a bonus if they purchase.  The best way to do this is create a BONUS page.  Then, as you get more and more items to add to your bonus page – you can include them as part of the “bonus drip”.  After a year – you should have 6 or more bonuses on that page.  This adds to the overall value of your bonus, and YOU give out one simple link for every product launch.

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