• Quoc Bui and Michael Moon are set to speak at this year's Underground.   Quoc Bui and Michael Moon are two 20 something year olds who generate over $800,000 per year working only a few hours a week.

They are founders of “Free the Apps” where they have generated over 18 million downloadable apps in less than 18 months.  They have truly cracked the code for making profits with iPad and iPhone applications.


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  1. I heard a lot about this Underground seminar. And the whole idea of making money with Iphone applications is great!


    1. I think the way they are doing it is:

      1. Make free app that people wanna use (i.e. games, kid games, dating apps)
      2. Add the ad plugin (similar to Adsense)

      Have a bunch of these free apps and the advertising alone makes you rich.. Me personally – I think these ads at the bottom of the apps are NOT effective for the advertisers. I created a ad to test it out.. I had over 5,000 clicks at 1 penny a click.. in less than an hour.

      That’s $50.

      The Analytics shows that the average user stayed on my site 0.7 seconds.

      Still got charged!

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