How to Track Each Marketing Piece

Have you ever wondered how a “super affiliate” tracks where his/her ads are converting the most?  You can use Google Analytics, but that information is not complete as it could be and you may want it in a simple format.

I recently saw a coaching video of a heavy hitter who tracks every forum post, every article, every pay per click ad, every directory submission, every magazine ad, every email signature so he knows exactly what's working and what's not.  By using a tracking device, you can immediately see what works – and if you know what works – you can scale that.

For example, if forum posting is converting the most buyers, then you would increase your posts and responses in forums.  Forum posting can be the most targeted form of advertising because those people in the forums are the most active.  They are the “doers” in their niche.

Okay so how do you track all of it..

Simple – AdMinder Version 3.3

This is straight from their sales page:

Show you exactly how many visitors were generated by each of your ads.
• Reveal which ads generate the most visitors, subscribers, downloads, sales, etc.
• Calculate cost-per-click, cost-per-sale, and click-to-sale ratios for each ad.
• Show you Return on Investment for each ad so you know which are profitable.
• Provide an at-a-glance look at all of your current, expired, and scheduled ads.
Organize and sort all of the important details about your ad campaigns at will.
• Allows you to group your promotions by site, type of ad, or any other criteria.
• Show you how many Clicks, Sales, etc. an ad generated for any date range.
• Send you a daily email report based on the information you're interested in.
• Export a detailed activity report that will impress your boss (if you have one).
• Default URL system ensures you don't lose traffic if you mess up any links.
Secure encrypted system ensures that your data is safe from prying eyes.

• Our dedicated servers have the best Internet connectivity money can buy

Ad Minder Version 3.3 has a five tier affiliate program, so if you promote it – you'll be getting paid on the efforts of your affiliates.  (just like when you promote WealthWorld)

If you use Ad Minder to track your ads, please use my affiliate link so I get credit for the referral.


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