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I posted an SEO project on Elance and the bidders actually tell you what they are going to do.  You can see exactly how the SEO experts are optimizing their page for the search engines. Turns out that the most common way to get higher search engine rankings is “backlinks” and “optimizing your internal pages“.


For example, if you want to be in the Top Google Spot For, “Coolest Guy on the Planet” – you will link those words back to your site like I just did.  And then, you'll want to find sites that are Page Rank 6 or higher and do the same thing.  Then, the more high page rank sites linking back to your site for YOUR keyword, you will find yourself on the first page or even the TOP SPOT for that keyword.

The second way is “optimizing your blog posts.”  I have found seven different articles and videos that explain everything regarding SEO – and best of all, they are FREE!  You don't have to pay a huge monthly fee for “affiliate training”..

Click Here to View the 7 Different Videos

And I found this site to help you find the PR 5 and above sites: http://angelasdiscountmarket.com/backlink_builder.html

This is not an affiliate link, but for $5 per month – Angela Edwards gives you 30 PR5+++ websites every month.  She was one of the bidders who gave me invaluable information so I'm giving her a free plug and she has the number two spot for the term: backlinks. She knows her stuff.

I thought it was worth sharing.



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  1. Excellent information, I am new to the backlink scene and have subscribed to Angelas, Im trying to be consistent, I sure hope it pays off. Thanks a lot!

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  2. Excellent post, thanks for this info!

  3. High PR backlinks do make a difference to your ranking but I think it's good to vary the type of links you get. Also, there is no rush when building links but consitancy is key.

  4. hallo,

    schöne und informative Seite die Ihr da ins Netz gestellt habt.
    Viel Erfolg & Spaß auch weiterhin dabei!

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