The Interactive Advertising Bureau just commended Google, Yahoo, and MSN for reducing Click Fraud.  WOW! They have a bureau for everything now.  I still believe that probably more than 30% of the clicks right now are fraudulent – designed to get the Adsense money.

Of course – the real secret:  The Bureau is just a business setup to cash in on the everychanging internet laws.  Hey – better safe than sorry!  And you better believe the government is looking for ANY and EVERY way to get more money from people working their butts off to live the American dream and work for themselves.  (PLEASE DON'T GET ME STARTED!)

I just read that the government wants a 10% tax hike on the people getting plastic surgery because it's a “cosmetic” luxury that most people don't need.   If we let the government decide on what to tax based on what people don't need – then I'm sure EVERY SINGLE business out there will enjoy paying the extra 10% on top of their unfair 20%..

Just remember the psychology here: 2% increase.. 2% increase..  after 25 years – you're up to 50%!

Okay – but this post is NOT about taxes..  I keep going off on tangents.

This is about conquering pay per click (Google, Yahoo, MSN!)  I just found this video about Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets!


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