Years ago, I was taught by the “big” gurus that having Facebook friends was the way to go. And now, five years later, I realize that … it's not the way to go. I should have listened to Mark Zuckerberg!

Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends probably because they don't want to be the soon to be out of business Myspace, and if you have 5,000 friends – you're NOT using Facebook as it was intended.

So the best way to grow your Facebook community is to setup a Fan Page for your business. I did some research and found a report on how to setup your Facebook Fan Page so you can grow and profit, and I wanted to share the love!

How to Create a PROFITABLE Facebook Fan Page: In this report, you'll discover step by step how to create your Facebook Fanpage complete with visuals.  If you like this free report, please click the LIKE button below!  FREE Copy of this report, CLICK HERE.

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