As promised, here is the 2nd strategy from Commission Blueprint Version Two.  This is easy to do!

Method One

Ok, here’s the first way of implementing the strategy and in this example I’ll show you how I promoted a single Clickbank product on Adwords with low costs and massive results by using an incentive of an extra bonus.

Here’s what I did step by step:

Step 1

I went to the Clickbank marketplace and found a product that was both a proven seller and had a very generous affiliate payout.

In this case it was which is a very successful piece of SEO software created by Brad Callen.

The commissions were (and still are) around $100 per sale.

TIP: When you’re choosing a product for this technique, make sure it has a ‘gravity’ above 100, a low refund rate and pays a commission of between $60 & $100)



Step 2

After choosing the product, I created a webpage to “pre-sell” it using the same methodology as I discussed in the ‘pre-sell secrets’ manual within the main area of the Commission Blueprint course.

On the pre-sell page, I outlined the benefits of the product and proved that it worked by showing screenshots of some of my own results.

However, instead of simply recommending it, I also created a highly relevant bonus that I would send the visitor if they bought through my affiliate link. In this case was a copy of an ‘info product’ that I had previously created.

What I did was to explain to the potential buyer that they’ll undoubtedly fail with this particular product unless they use it in accordance with the bonus that I was offering.

Here’s an example of a similar page I wrote to promote another product in the same way called ‘Keyword Elite’…

(You can copy the wording from this one if you want)

Here’s another example that promotes ‘Speed PPC’:


Step 3

After setting up the website, I went ahead and created a new Adwords campaign to drive traffic to the pre-sell page. However, instead of bidding on 50 or 100+ keywords, I only bid on very tight keyword variations of the brand name; in other words ‘SEO Elite’.

In this case the keywords were:

[Buy SEO Elite]

[SEO Elite]

[SEO Elite Review]

Step 4

I then wrote 2 or 3 killer ads and made my bids high enough to grab the number #1 spot to get exceptionally high CTR’s.

I also selected a ‘position preference of ‘1’ to make doubly sure I would be right at the top and accumulate the most amount of clicks (you can do this by following the ‘campaign settings tab’ in your Adwords account)

This isn’t the exact Ad, but it was very similar in style to this:



Step 5

I then began the campaign and initially had to suck up a rather terrifying CPC (cost per click) of around $2.  However, I slowly lowered my bids each day whilst maintaining a very high CTR and as a result remained at position #1 and received the maximum amount of clicks.

So what happened was that the people looking to buy SEO Elite would search for the product on Google, click my Ad, see the quality of the bonus I was offering, realize how much it would benefit them rather than buying directly from the site and would then order the product through my affiliate link.

(Remember, because I’m only bidding on the actual brand name, the traffic is ULTRA targeted.)

They would then send me the sales receipt by email and after I confirmed their order, I’d send them the bonus.

Tip: If you were to do this, the easiest way would be to set up a separate email address specifically to receive and send bonus requests.

So how well does this work?

Well, for the campaign I mentioned above, it worked well to put it mildly.

In fact, for this particular promotion, I collected the following data over a 2 week period:

Clicks: 398

Average Cost per Click: $1.67

Ad Spend: $664.66

Sales: 26 x $100 = $2600

Net profit: $1935.34

Conversion rate: 6.5%

Pretty darn good especially for a $160 product.

Obviously this is just one example and you could set hundreds of these up in so many different niches.

If you are stuck for ‘bonuses’, is an excellent source for finding them and is updated with new material each month.

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