How to Legally Steal Traffic from Your Competition!
How to Legally Steal Traffic from Your Competition!

If you are running PPC campaigns, you may be missing a simple “strategy” that can be used to steal traffic from your competition.


Here's how it works:

For YOUR Niche:   You should be opted in to all of your competitors' lists.   That way, you can receive their emails.

This is too cool – I don't know if I should share this little secret.


I have folders in my Outlook and rules created so all of my “emails” from my competition is nicely filed away for me.

Pay close attention to product launches.. Because during launch time, you'll receive a lot of emails from everyone.

Here's the trick:  Look for “weird” phrases or words that guru's use.   Last week, the emails contained the words, “Launch Tree TV Episode 1”.

So I quickly added that to my PPC campaign…

And when do my ads show up?  When someone using Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Live reads an email with those words in it.  You see where this is going.. And you can even customize the ads –


Something that will legally “steal” your competition's traffic..   PLUS, it works with affiliate links and all niches.

What you can look for:  closing remarks, odd sounding openings, one of a kind names, etc..

Onwards and Upwards… :0)


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