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Erland from Burnet, Texas writes in:

Please advise if the course is going to help me in the upcoming months by providing specific ideas relating to product selling.

Actually, every business should be in the information business. Let me explain:

If I was selling home decor gifts, I'd make more money if I positioned myself as an expert.

For example, I'd create a 7-Day email course on “Home Decor Secrets”
or “Secrets of the Home Decorating Experts” or maybe “7 Secret Decorator Tricks”. That will get people to opt into my list, which lets me mail to them again and again. But above that, it shows them that I'm an expert in this field – AND it lets me sell them specific products through the recommendations in my email course. Of course, it doesn't have to be an email course. It can be a video (or video series), PDF, or other information.

Information products – like CD's, DVD's, reports, ebooks, or physical books also put you head and shoulders above the rest. A small 10 to 20 page booklet on “How to Transform Your Home in 5 Minutes or Less” (or
“17 Home Decor Tricks TV's Famous Designers DO NOT Want You to Know”) will position you again, as an expert.

Information doesn't become your “business”. Your business is always the home decor items. However, your information become your “marketing”. Instead of “selling”, you become a “marketer” who positions himself as an expert, someone more knowledgable than all of the competition. This way, your competition continues to compete on price – while you position yourself above them as someone with more expertise. And those people can charge more money – and they ultimately make more money.

Dentists. Lawyers. Landscapers. And a whole line of people who you wouldn't normally say were in the “information marketing” business have created their own “info-products” for this very reason. Booklets on “The Hidden Dangers of Tooth-Whitening” or “The 7 Secrets Divorce Lawyers Refuse to Tell You!” or “The Perfect Landscape Plants to Increase Your Home's Value” are all info-products that position the business owner as an expert — and we want to give our money to people who know what they're doing.

So you may not see yourself AS an info-marketer, but if you want to attract prospects in – instead of selling to them – one of the best things you can do is to create little educational info-products (even if you give them away free) — and start promoting them like crazy.
What will happen is your ebooks, booklets, PDF reports, audios, email courses, etc. will soon be spread all over the Internet (and offline, as well) — and you'll be able to automatically attract people who are more likely to buy from you. No selling involved.

If you take this approach, your business will grow by leaps and bounds… AND you'll be able to use every powerful free marketing technique you find at

I hope this helps, Erland.

Jeff Gardner

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