Two days ago, I told you how I conquered Google and got page #1, #2, #3, #5 and #10.. Well – there is no secret..

The secret is “backlinks!”  The more backlinks you have, the better position you have.  That's the bottom line!

Right now, there are several different ways to backlink to your site:

  1. Direct Link (one way backlink)
  2. Anchored Text
  3. Paid Backlinks (but who wants to pay!)

Remember my keyword rule about highlighting the keyword you want and then, linking it to you.  Then, Google will see it and rank you for that keyword.  This is called Anchored Keywords, and the more you have for each keyword – the better your pagerank in Google.

Brad Callen's SEO Linkvine
258 Backlinks to 28,500 Backlinks

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Here are some features of Brad Callen's SEO LinkVine:

  • You'll get more traffic!
  • You'll build more and more exposure for your website.
  • You'll start to see your time involvement decrease.
  • And you should see your commissions or sales increase!

What is that new saying?  More traffic – more sales.  People have expanded that to say – more quality traffic – more sales.

If you're looking to put your article marketing on steroids – well look no further because Brad Callen is the man when it comes to SEO.  He owns page one for all wedding supplies and accessories, and he really practices what he preaches because he understands the value of long-term marketing.

Long-term Marketing:

Building Quality Backlinks.. Increase SEO..  Build a Quality List..  Build a Relationship..  Help.. Help.. Help.. :0)

That is the exact formula for ONLINE SELLING!

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