youtube-logoThis week, Anik Singal revealed a slightly questionable YouTube trick, and I'm probably the only with b***s enough NOT to sugar coat it.

First, let me tell you how the trick works:

You search YouTube for what people are searching for right now right now.  Anik says that you want to concentrate on YouTube videos that get 100+ views per day or 2,000 views per month.  The point being that you'll be tapping into this targetted traffic that people are searching for (and your video will show up in the searches).

That's easy to understand.

Second, so you found some YouTube videos that are getting the right amount of searches.  Then, you find some affiliate products that you'll review.  You'll create a simple review site that has three or more pages.  The simple here are three products that you'll love (then place your affiliate link next to each product's description).

Third, use a screen capture software to review the product or report that you find from #1.  You'll post this review to your YouTube channel using as many keywords in the title, description, and tags.

Now, the hype begins when Anik says that just by doing this trick alone – you'll build a list of 16,000 people and make $350,000.. And let's ask some real questions that need answered:

1.  How many videos do you have to post?

2.  How long did it take you to get the $350,000 and how much did it cost.  Did you spend any advertising dollars?

From the webinar, Anik makes you believe that it's a simple YouTube video to affiliate page.  Then, you'll tap into all the traffic searching for #1.

So I dug a little deeper…

I went to the website that Anik promoted on the webinar ( .. I thought that's an easy site to put together. Two affiliate links.. Two products.. Screenshots.. That's easy to do.  I can do this with 1998 Frontpage (lol).

There are a ton of pages, but easy enough.

Then, I went to the search engines.. AND this is what I found..


Anik Singal Caught Lying on a Webinar

Now I had originally thought that a simple webpage with 3 pages were the instructions that I was given.   How much of those affiliate commissions came from this huge blog full of keywords that goes back two years and 40+ pages deep.

See what I mean.. There is more going on here than meets the eye, and that's what marketing is.. You have to look past what's being sold or offered and look at the marketing behind it.  When you take the blueprint or the model behind the marketing and immediately apply it to your business, then you'll have many different income streams coming in.

The YouTube to Affiliate Site may work and yes – I will test it out and if it works, then I'll roll it out .. systemize it..hand it off to a virtual assistant and move on to the next strategy!

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  1. Yeah I’m suspicious as well when it comes to any guru telling me 1 trick that made them that much.. I believe that there is a whole nother side to this that is left out .. on purpose..

  2. Thanks for sharing.. I really like when we bust these marketers.. Remember, all marketers are liars.. and all buyers are liars.. so it goes hand in hand.

  3. I have been doing my own research on his site as well…. so far i cant find the youtube channel he is referring to.

    I have personally done a lot os promoting on youtube of my own products and i got a very nice following in the iPhone niche …. and made over $4000 in 4 months mostly from my youtube videos…. so i know it is possible to make some good cash from youtube… but it is not as simple as Anik makes it out to be ,,, you have to give value to really bring in the sales….

    so did any of you have any success with his statuary ?

    I think there are allways new things to learn every day… and i know Anik is good at what he dose ! ! and i really like his work … so dont get me wrong …

    I just think this one statuary was a bit over the top.


    1. David –

      Take it a step further —

      1. Add the 40 page blog.

      Plus – I think there is something else to this YouTube trick that might not have been explained fully. Like posting your video as a video comment on popular videos.

  4. Has anyone found Anik’s actual Youtube video for his WOW site? I know he revealed his website, but considering the whole technique is about making a Youtube video, it would be nice to see an example.

    1. Not yet, and just to be clear:

      I’m not calling it a “lie” or a “scam”. I’m revealing information that was not revealed in the webinar. This information contradicted what I was led to believe. Therefore, I need more information in order to understand this method completely. I have submitted a support ticket, but have received no response.

      You have to be very careful what you say online because you are liable for your own words. So I have gone back and cleaned up a bunch of language throughout my blog.

  5. I too am dubious. A simple search on google for “” should have given me a sample of pages which were mentioning this web page. In video marketing it is common practice to mention the full URL to make it clickable in yahoo. There were only references to 1 or 2 Youtube pages and when you click on these the video has been removed for breach of service.

    I have scoured the net and can’t find 1 video that is from Anik which is acting as a traffic driver.

    Makes you wonder?

    1. Hmmmm makes you wonder..

  6. Yeah,
    I looked at Aniks math and said “sure thing dude”. He’s claiming an astounding 30% clickthrough from his videos?!! So I said, listen to
    the rest of the webinar and see what he’s doing special to get that.
    NOTHING at all, so he’s lying about the clickthrough rate too. And
    he’s lying about the conversions too I bet. He even said he pays college
    kids $50 to make him short videos that he puts up and makes a killing on.
    If that’s the case I can make more money selling him videos than I ever
    will putting them up on Youtube.

    1. Well I’m not gonna call him out yet.. but there are more questions that we need answered:

      1) How many videos do you have to post to get $350,000 in commissions?
      2) How much of that traffic from YouTube sees the 40+ page blog and clicks on those links?

      Because I was on board until I ran across this 40+ blog..

      3) Of course, let’s take it a step further.. $350,000 from one website is a pretty decent return if that’s spread out over 2 years. That’s a nice return for a site that would take a solid two months to build out. That being the case, give us the WHOLE story instead of singling out one trick and making us think that this one trick will make us this amount of money.

      My guess is:

      1. Complete website..
      2. PPC
      3. YouTube
      4. Article Marketing
      5. Forum Posting
      6. Banner Advertising

      Every month..

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