One product that makes me smile everytime I see my $20K from one month of promotion is Jeff Gardner's Free Advertising Academy. Jeff Gardner started when he was 15 years old in the 1980's.  He could only afford advertising that costs NOTHING!

He quickly built a multi-million dollar mail order business.  Now, he
reveals his strategies that he has used consistently in the last 22 years to get
millions of dollars in advertising (and he paid ZERO!)

We came up with the idea of The Free Advertising Academy about a year
ago.  He put a sales letter up, blasted his email one time and forgot about
it.  Since that time, has built up his Affiliate page
with tools, email promotions, banners, and a little secret.

That secret is our new eBook brander on the site.

All the tools and training on the affiliate page was done by  When you go there, you can actually brand your
Clickbank Affiliate ID in the “free ebook” and drive sales to the site.

The best part:   It pays a residual!

YEP!  You can get paid over and over again for a great product that gets
rave reviews, high conversions to your own list, and it works!

Visit the Academy at

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  1. I like the new website!Does the free advertising work for any product or product line?

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