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Is This Ethical? Who Gets The Commission…

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"Super Affiliate" Ethics - Can Super Affiliates Cheat the System..I just received an email.. (I’m not saying from who) but I believe there’s some slightly questionable ethics inside this email.

Affiliates for years have worried about people stealing their commission.  If FIRST AFFILIATE sends a visitor to a site (especially during launch day), and then, SECOND AFFILIATE sends the same visitor back to the site – who gets the commission?

A product launches at NOON today!  So FIRST AFFILIATE sends their visitor to the site yesterday, but all the other gurus and super affiliates wait until an hour and then again 10 minutes before the launch to get that last minute “cookie” coded in that person’s computer.

Who deserves the commission?

That’s the million dollar question?  If the launch is live, and FIRST AFFILIATE couldn’t convert the sale, but the SECOND AFFILIATE throws in a nice bonus and closes the sale, then the SECOND AFFILIATE deserves the commission.

If the FIRST AFFILIATE sends the visitor during launch time, and the visitor plans to get in anyway and then SECOND AFFILIATE sneaks in with their “LIVE IN 10 MINUTES” email.  I believe the FIRST AFFILIATE deserves the commission.

Let me ask you something?  Is this ethical?  Guru’s and “Super Affiliate” know that everyone has seen the Launch Tree.  Everyone knows how it works.  Everyone knows what to expect when they launch.  Everyone can even fill in the blanks as to what this product is (we’ve seen enough videos to put together our own product!), but is it ethical sending out an email asking visitors to clear their cache so they can get the commission?

Clear your cache so I can get the commission…

Think about it.. If FIRST AFFILIATE has sent 500 people and those same 500 people are on SECOND AFFILIATE’S EMAIL LIST and he asks them to clear their cache, this raises some serious ethical questions in the affiliate marketing community.  Is it right or wrong – I would like to hear what you think?


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10 Responses to “Is This Ethical? Who Gets The Commission…”

  1. Bob Johnson says:

    After so many weeks I am able to find a blog providing good information about the affiliate programs. I am glad to see that there are still few persons on the internet who are NOT using auto blog posters. Creating a blog like yours and maintaining it are difficult tasks but you managed it. Ok! Come to the point. However, you have tried to give good information about affiliate programs but I am still against affiliate programs. I mean fault is not in the affiliate programs but in the people. They do not want to work hard and leave the programs after some time. Now, you might be thinking, if I am against affiliate programs then why I am here at your blog. Actually I am doing some sort of research on affiliate programs and when started reading your blog, I sticked to it and could not stop myself writing comment. I am not so much against affiliate programs, but my nature is a sort of experimenting. I keep on doing experiments for making money in new ways. If you visit my website, clicking on my name in this comment then you are bound to get amazed. If, I write more about my site then you will think that I am spamming and I do not want to get my comment considered as spam. So, again from the begining, you have done a very good job! Hard work is appreciated! Well done! Thanks for providing such a nice detailed information. Keep it up!

  2. Jerry says:

    I think we cannot be 100% right or wrong whether is is ethical or not! It happens even in Network Marketing… stealing of downlines. But Kit, I will be a part and parcel of your program.
    To your success.

  3. MJ says:

    So often people don’t buy at first glance, then come back to buy after thinking about it, and, often, talking to more people about the product.

    This happens not only in virtual marketing.

    In-store selling the associate who actually makes the sale gets the commission, whether they’re 1st or 21st to talk to a customer.

    You hope it all evens out in the end, and that, as you hone your sales skills, you make more sales.

  4. Glen says:

    Hi Kit,

    I would think that if the second affiliate is offering bonus to those who sign through his link, then it is alright to ask the buyer to clear cookies. Otherwise it is daylight robbery. Totally unethical and the 1st affiliate should rightfully get the commission.

  5. Houcem says:

    He is absolutely one of the best marketers I know and also for his integrity. Those are MY WORDS. I will be taking this part “implementing it in the shortest amount of time” and implement it in my business.
    Thanks for the valuable hint.

    BTW, I noticed that you are doing well online. If you show me how you are doing it then I will show you how I mastered 5 languages in 5 years (no joke btw): imlementation of the first hint ;)


  6. Houcem says:

    I think it’s not completely ethical but we can’t say either that it’s unethical. But I think that there must be a solution for this. For example have a look at the idea russel brunson came with for his next launch: The one who refers the optin lead gets the commission for the first 24 hours of the launch. No body will be able to take your commission even if he send an email like 10 min before the launch. I find this to be a good idea to start with. BTW, you can promote it through his affiliate program .

    My 2 cents,

    • Kit Elliott says:

      I think Russell is one of the best marketers. There is a concept that I talk about all the time called, “Speed of Implementation!” Russell is the “man” when it comes to finding out a new idea and implementing it in the shortest amount of time. As soon as I hear about a concept – Russell will find out about it – and then, it will be in place tomorrow.

      Also – another extremely smart tactic that Russell does is:

      He will call every guru – and say, “HEY! I noticed you are not doing XXX on your website. I will show you how to do it immediately if you show me how to do XXX..” And then as soon as the guru shows him what he wants to know – he will implement it immediately.

      And then, yet another great tactic is this: Once you have the systems setup, hire the best people to run them.. (which Russell has perfected).. AND GUESS WHAT RUSSELL IS DOING?

      Training for the next Olympics for Wrestling! Isn’t that amazing?

      He’s hired the best Olympian coach and he’s training for the gold. I’m rooting for Russell.. :0)

  7. Sudeep says:

    Hello ,
    I think so if that is possible why cannot both the affliates get 50 – 50 … .If it just once click sell let it be 100% , but if the second click has made the reader buy . Let that be divided in two people equally .
    Thats my thoughts

    • Kit Elliott says:

      Do you think there is anything wrong with asking your visitors to clear their cookies so you can get the commission? That comment alone says that “we know we may not have sent you the first time” but we want that commission anyway we can get it.

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