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UEconomy Team Overview & Sales Page

http://www.ueconomynation.com/official-ueconomy-launch/ – This is the official signup page for UEconomy Nation (as seen in the video).

Affiliate Marketing with UEconomy Nation

First of all, you can form Affiliate Teams and get paid for your efforts as your affiliate team starts producing.  Since you'll be earning 100% commissions and you'll be earning residual income as your affiliate team grows, it now pays to help your team grow.  You provide support & marketing materials for your team to succeed.

In addition, You can review the UEconomy Nation Products Here:

You'll see the Official UEconomy Team Overview page and how to join.

UEconomy Nation - The Official UEconomy Team Overview & Sales Page

If you missed yesterday's announcement, click here to see the UEconomy Affiliate Program that pays 100% Affiliate Commissions.

How to Be a Super Affiliate with UEconomy

Let's have a real talk.  One of the best advice that I have ever received from Super Affiliate, Pat Flynn, is that you go one inch wide & ten miles deep.

While most people spread themselves too thin & pitch everything under the sun –  I even have one lady on my Facebook who private messaged me a different item to buy every week for 8 straight weeks.

I suspect this “spamming” links inside the Facebook Platform is the ONLY way she knows to market, and as a result, she's not making sales so she jumps to the next products and the next one and so forth.

That's NOT the way to pitch your products.  When you build a brand that adds value to customers and consumers and then, you fit YOUR launches & products & referrals into that brand.

When you're first starting out, you experience so many growing pains from just the startup costs alone.  Website this. License fee that.  Hosting.  Advertising.  Design. Programming.  Email.  SMTP.   and you haven't even put food on the table for your family.


Build a Super Affiliate Foundation to Build Your UEconomy Business

That's why UEconomy is so important because you build a foundation of residual income.  That foundation will allow you to breathe while you setup your blog or youtube channel or Facebook fanpage so you can deliver VALUE & start growing your tribe.

UEconomy Nation - The Official UEconomy Team Overview & Sales Page

Then, create a sales mechanism (a sales funnel) where you can drive traffic and your leads to this sales funnel.   Don't rely on ONE traffic source because that source could easily go away tomorrow.   In the beginning, I relied on Google PPC for 100% of my traffic.  As a result, my business crashed to nothing when they slapped me 12 years ago.  Who else remembers the Google Slap?

Spread your marketing out across different channels at a time.  Right now, I like to spend my time with Free Facebook Marketing (and paid to funnel only).  I like Blog Post & Email Marketing.  I like YouTube Videos & good old fashion TALKING TO PEOPLE!  As a result, I am crossing the ten million dollars in affiliate commissions.

Either you blog and provide value or you do videos / Facebook marketing to provide information, training, and value added content.   Then, you email your list to check out your new blog post or your new video with a call to action.  If you have a funnel that converts, use Google PPC, Bing PPC, Yahoo PPC, and Facebook PPC depending on your budget.  BUT if it's a winner, you should be able to scale across the board.  And now, you build relationships with your readers & your list.   Simple, enough?

That call to action is to your sales mechanism.  I say “mechanism” because there are many affiliates and super affiliates who have created their own income producing activities that are completely opposite.  For example, I have one person who loves to chat with everyone on the phone.   I have another one who does LIVE Facebook Streaming.  AND I have another one who loves YouTube Marketing.  We're in the content distribution industry, so we need to take advantage of the free marketing channels out there.

Get in During UEconomy Nation PreLaunch

Take advantage of the pre-launch and the higher conversion rates you get during the first 14 months of any company launch.  As the company grows beyond the 14 month, then the product demonstrations & customer training is essential to growth.

And then, just create your own five income producing activities to drive leads & close sales.  These are the habits you need to “routinize” to grow your business online.

  • Keep it fresh.
  • Make it exciting.
  • Keep it honest.
  • Keep it fun!

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Kit Elliott - Super Affiliate

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