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Three Scams and Rip-Offs to Report

Don't Get Scammed by LeapFish or Overpriced WebsitesThis week, I actually ran into two scams – one directly and one indirectly.

The first scam involves business owners.  There are marketers online recommending this scam to their clients as their “money-maker”.   Everyone in the internet marketing community know pretty much everything that goes on.  We know Affiliate Jump is a load of crap.  We know that Launch Tree was a great, immediate action that will increase sales immediately. We know that all the guru’s are teaming up with each other and scratching each other’s back and then, a week later, returning the favor. (How many emails have you received in the past two months promoting everything?) It’s out of control..

Well – there are marketers not even online (what? how… could.. this … be)

It’s true.  Brick and Mortar companies – dentists, chiropractors, realtors.. to name a few.  Most of these business owners have more disposable income than the average person reading this.

What do you know that these companies don’t?  You know RentaCoder, Aweber, Hosting, Domain Names.. My chiropractor paid $5,000 for his “static” website last year.  Did he not read my posts about starting his own blog? ($3.95 a month for hosting, $2.99 domain names, free WordPress, $39 Professional Theme)

On top of this outrageous fee – he paid $97 a month for hosting and any website maintenance.

And get this:

They wanted $5,000 more a year to renew it.  Holy Scam Alert!

This is a scam.  The only way I would have paid $5,000 for a website is if:

#1) I licensed a killer product, which Gardner Marketing has paid $10K before.

#2) Maybe killer copy, which Jeff Gardner has paid up to $20K before.

And my next scam happened to me yesterday.

Have you heard of LeapFish?  It’s a new search engine portal for search engines… (just that sentence alone should be enough to raise some red flags). is a nice looking site, and the functionality is kinda cool.  I’m not gonna lie and say that it stinks – because I’m sorta liking the videos and the graphics on the right side and how the search results popup without pressing submit.  Oooooooh.. (shiny objects..)

The sales guy was great on the phone.  At the end of it, I was ready to hand over my credit card until one quick Google search..

LeapFish Complaints

And turns out – I’m glad I did.  LeapFish works like this.  When you type in a word, they sell 3 advertising spots “FOR LIFE!” on the site.

That means that the millions of people using Google will type in your industry and see your ad for life.  There are no pay per click fees.. your ad will appear on EVERYPAGE above the search engine results for life!

Two things are wrong with this sentence:

1) For life.  For life of what – the company?  This reminds me of last month’s American Home Shield scam.  My air conditioner went out.  We cover your air conditioner for the “life” of the air conditioner.  After 10 years – it’s time for a new one which we don’t cover.  OR their famous – we do cover your air conditioner and I’m sorry that your air conditioner is not working but we don’t cover that part of the air conditioner that went out.

2) And the second part of that sentence: Millions of people using Google .. that’s right – millions are using Google – NOT LEAPFISH!  They won’t ever see the ads..

What’s worse is that TechCrunch uncovered a click fraud story from the employees of LeapFish ..  LeapFish employees used it as a scare tactic.  Hey I just clicked on your ad 50 times.  You should get on the pay one time platform and not Google pay per click platform.


So my advice is stay away.  RUN AWAY!

If you are building a website – start with WordPress.. Get a Premium Theme for $39 ONE TIME FEE.  Buy a domain name for less than $10 per year and grab some hosting for less than $10 per month.  You’ll also need an autoresponder service for less than $20 per month.  Hmmm anything else?  TRAFFIC!

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Onwards and Upwards,


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