WealthWorld Launches January 2010 - Get in During PreLaunch!

Hi there.  It's Kit Elliott again letting you know that the replay line is available here:


The call was a great success.  We had over 500 registered callers listening with a few heavy hitters sneaking on the call.  Everyone can feel the electricity in the air with our new company, WealthWorld. 

Please listen to the replay of the call at: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=7631535

If you missed the call, we'll give you a special website where you can calculate your monthly income.

We'll tell you why timing is important to everything, and what happened 5 days ago that makes this the “right time and place for you!”  We talk about it on the call.  We can't plan for events like that.


I look forward to your future success with our new company, WealthWorld.  Get in now before we launch in January – for just $2.  And please sign up today before the heavy hitters come in!  We have infomercial people trying to work a deal, and two heavy hitters were on the call and signed up while I was writing this email to you so in a few short months, this will explode.  You'll want to get in during pre-launch before it does.

If you want to calculate just 1 of 8 different ways to get paid – http://www.megalevelbonus.com

Did I mention – it's $2 to join?

Onwards and Upwards,
Kit Elliott

Co-Founder – WealthWorld
Founder – SuperAffiliate.com

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  1. Hi Kit

    I was in the call (at 1am my time) and got all pumped up. It’s a great way to earn REAL passive income, but it seems that this is open to residents of US and Canada only.

    Will you share more about wealthworld with me and your readers pls.

    1. We are open in USA only right now. There are about 600 pages of paperwork to fill out for each country! So we’ll be opening Canada, UK, Singapore, and Australia in 2010!


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