Looking for a New Affiliate Program?  This is it…

You are the first to see this new launch announcement.

The ENTIRE “Founders Launch” Call is recorded (thank goodness)…

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New Affiliate Program





On this Recorded Replay, I reveal EVERYTHING about this new company…

New Affiliate Program's products and services…

Also, the phenomenal 100% comp plan…

Most of all, the incredible 12-Level Residual comp plan…

AND — Project 1000!

New Affiliate Program Launch

The OFFICIAL “Founders Launch” is starting TOMORROW…

WEDNESDAY — May 3, 2017

If you MISSED last night's call, make sure you listen to the REPLAY.

This. Will. Be. Big.

(And Project 1000 Will Make It Bigger!)

Here's the Link:


Full Disclosure:  This is NOT an affiliate link & I do not get paid to tell you about this.  When you find something you're passionate about, my company The Click Agency will take care of your team's marketing needs.

Business should be that easy!

Share and Conquer,

Update:  The new affiliate program is called UEconomy Nation, and you can see the UEconomy Nation Sales Overview here.

What to look out for in the new affiliate program, UEconomy.

  1.  Company pays out 100% commissions (minus merchant account fees).
  2. UEconomy pays 12 levels down on the affiliate monthly fee of $49.95 which is completely opposite than most affiliate programs.
  3. You pass up your second sale which allows you to form teams, and as a result, it encourages team building.
  4. They have 3 categories of products, including U-Marketplace which allows you to sale courses similar to Udemy.
  5. They have a $50,000 Franchise that you can buy/sell to earn 100% commissions.  That's insane money.

New Affiliate Program Called UEconomy Nation

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