Hi there.

I just started a new blog for Merchant Account Affiliates who are looking for an affiliate program that pays a residual income.

We are recruiting affiliates for the new zCreditCards Affiliate Program for two reasons:

1.  I believe it's one of the best comp plans for affiliates.  (residual compensation plan)

2. The owners have been in the industry since the early 90's and have been very successful with the TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY that they are launching next month.

So check out the new viral report that I just uploaded to the site.. My last viral report, launched on Dec 10, has been re-branded 61 times and downloaded a total of 3,279 times.

That's in 11 days.

Click Here to Check Out The New Merchant Account Affiliate Program

Onwards and Upwards,

Kit Elliott

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  1. Hi Kit, what a nice informative site. I just receive the free e-book, thank you so much. I know i will sound stupid but how will I use this to give as free gift for my opt-in list building? Do I have to upload this to my server bluehost? and what then?

    1. Hiya Carmel,

      If you haven’t signed up for an autoresponder service, I recommend getting the aweber account so you can followup with your visitors. My affiliate link is http://www.superaffiliate.com/recommends/aweber.html ….

      Then, if you notice the rebranding part of the report – it provides you with a download link! So we host it for you!!!

      That way – you just give that link as the “thank you” page or the “redirect page” in aweber.

      OR you can even email that link out with no website needed!

      OR you can even register a domain name and redirect to that page so you’re just giving out the domain name that redirects to the viral pdf report.

      All kinds of solutions here.. :0)


    2. Oh thanks, but what I want to do is place the link on my website where viewers can click it, like if I say something about the opportunity and lead them to click the button or something. The link that you gave me, once I click it, it download the ebook immediately to my computer. So in that case I can put that link on my website correct? don;t need to upload right? Thanks so much, don’t know anything about downloads

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