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ClickBank – The Ad Network?

How to Monetize Your Website with Clickbank

Clickbank is hiding something from you that could be a HUGE money-maker for your blog or website.  It’s called, “The Clickbank HopAd Builder“.  It works similar to Google Adsense, except each ad is coded with your Clickbank Affiliate ID, which means you could make up to 75% of each sale.  (which could be a lot better than Adsense, or what I’ve heard called, “Adcents” cuz that’s all you get)

I’m not sure why they haven’t shouted this from the rooftops yet, or blasted this out to their affiliates.   If you login to your Clickbank Account, Click on Account Settings, and then, you will see the link:  Clickbank HopAd Builder.  See – told ya it was hidden.  I don’t see it on any other page!

If you know HTML – check out the Advanced User Guide.  You can control the way the ads appear on your website.  If you use it on your site, please post a link to it in the comments section.  Would love to see it in another niche!

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